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Global gathering for Visionaries and Humanitarians, to come together in Unity, Peace and Love consciousness, Ceremony and Celebration, – Evening (Music, Potluck, Dancing (some ideas for ceremony and celebration you can have), and Morning after (To connect to aligned projects and Individuals and create an action plan, based on provided templates) :

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Source Network- Talks, Events, Sponsoring, Marketing, Media and more.
New Earth – Projects, Nation and Festival. Media, Festivals, Events, Collaborations, Community and More.

Project 2020: Refocusing The Lens

This is the portal, for all lightworkers, and lightworker orgs. The New Internet. Above Google, and the old internet, there is a Layer, I’ll meet you there. – Doron

The Source is the source of all. It is the Father/Mothership. We all create it together, and we are all a part of it. No ownership.

And Source Network is as the holy spirit is, it flows through all things, giving life to form, Heaven to Earth. We are all members of this holy spirit here on the Earthplane. We are helping all to Re-Member, that we are all our Higher Selves. This is what we are building back into the internet. Ascension to this higher Layer, where all information is of the highest consciousness and vibration. And all Interconnected, & Fluid.

ReSourced is the process of the return to Eden, yet not a Garden anymore, but a Global Farm, mature and grown Goddess named Gaia.

Our goal is to embed these forms, these processes, into the ASC site, The Source site, NENYN site, Infinite Love In Motion site, and every single website in the Collective. And then, we share these forms/processes with every lightworker, and org, and have them embed them into their websites as well.

Now, all lightworker websites are populating all that data in the world, for the completion of Paradise On Earth. This conscious Craigs List of sorts, allows for collaboration and the open-sourcing and accelerating of the shift.

These forms are not owned by any specific website, the data is for all websites.

Our goal is to have so many duplicated versions of the super-webplatform, until the perfect final version is manifest.

Like Raymond Powell has been saying, we need to build that login system, that provides curation of experience, and privacy, the going beyond the veil of unconsciousness of the old internet, as all lightworkers sign in through this login (for all websites in our global network- allowing smooth flow from site to site- no more creating accounts/passwords, removing the dams blocking the water flow), and everyones process is curated for the return to full consciousness.

And every lightworker has their profile/webpage/digital business card, and can be printed as enterprise cards, and their account is uniform for playing in any and all lightworker websites on the planet. Beyond Facebook.