Divine Masc & Fem Rising

 “Divine Masc and Fem Rising:

29th April – 1st May (U.S date)

What are we creating?

A platform of truth, of healing and of awareness of Rising into our wholeness.

Helping Raise the Frequency of Earth.
Discussions, Online Summits, Events – Interviews- Uncovering the inner truth and balancing your androgynous true soul nature.

This is a Summit affiliated with “New Earth New You NOW” Foundation: “A Foundation for bringing Events-Online/Offline, to the Masses, sharing top Solutions for “Heaven on Earth in our Time”.
Collaborative, Affiliations, Love.”

and also a supporting sponsor and promoter of Lightworker Reflections and Enlightened Conversations by Michelle Lightworker.

This will be a recurring summit in time and a daughter product of my newly co created –New Earth New You NOW– foundation – bringing you and we ALL: the greatest topics, solutions and gatherings for this coming age of fire, purification and liberation for all sovereign beings of love.

Helping Raise the Frequency of Earth. Unity within becomes Unity outside.

 Daily Group Meditations.

 Uncovering the inner truth and balancing your androgynous true soul nature. Finding healing and Unity in a dualistic word.



Ok!!! OK!!! ok!!!

Ladies and gentlemen- far and wide. We are bringing in the NEW. We are busting the systems.

I want YOU! To share. Your views, your experiences. The thought of as taboo.


I was inspired. A hit of glorious proportion.

I want men on the path to the divine masculine and women on the path of divine feminine. Scoops on alternative relationships, conscious unions, your journeys, bared all. To inspire and ignite the permission in ALL beings to their divine potential and ability to co create what their highest sexual, spiritual and balanced life and love in all areas can be. Not with guilt, force and lust. But with love, nurture and true glorious and divine pleasure beyond our physical vessels wildest dreams.
Bringing the most current education, skills, tips and discussions for solution and global Unity to the fore front, for all to bare, to share and to see.
We are going there, we are barring all. Going big, sharing all and creating a whirlwind of new ways and some ancient ways restored.
This will be a recurring summit and a daughter product of New Earth New You NOW– foundation – bringing you and we ALL: the greatest topics, solutions and gatherings for this coming age of fire, purification and liberation for all sovereign beings of love.
Video: https://youtu.be/BLyHjiaWKfg

“Divine Masculine and Feminine” Summit and Movement.

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Divine Masc and Fem Rising

“ Inner Balance:  Inner Balance & Top 5 tips for Masc and Fem:

Recently a lot has been happening to help me become more balanced, grounded and in harmony with my whole. From travel, adventure, experience and I have begun studying Tantra and More Energy movement practices, these have had such a profound effect on me feeling peace and well-being. I begun a meditation and mindful practice of connecting my yin and yang energies in powerful, intimate, respectful and loving actions in my heart and mind. The changes I have noticed are, attracting different people mirroring the change, a greater feeling of balance,  a deeper feeling of self love, more support and ease and grace in manifesting all my needs outside of myself.

“What you seek is seeking you ” – Rumi


BALANCE – Duality – Unity – Trinity

Balance: A feeling of center and empowerment, a movement in UNITY of separate parts, a connection of differences working together and merging in harmony. Synergistic play, movement and stillness in perfection, breathing in life, connections to ALL, being felt and experienced.

Duality: Opposing and separating of one in two parts. Friction and conflicting behavior and reactions. Creating a shadow and a light, good and bad, masculine and feminine, extremes of parts of an ALL. One or the other, choosing black or white, rather than grey, feeling pulled and conflicted.

Unity: In communion with balance, feeling fruitful whole and integrated within each separate part connected. A uniting of TWO or MORE into the ONE of ALL which it is truthfully part of and connected to. A truth of UNIVERSAL LAW and perfect reunion. Reuniting of parts and collaboration, to be more cohesive and innovative. Energy efficiency, co- creation, sharing, loving and being without anything. From the many colors comes – the rainbow, from the many specks of sand -a beach, from the many drops- an ocean, from the many people- a family; a home, a community, a town, a city, a state, a country, a nation and planet, a solar system, a galaxy, A U-in-VERSE (universe)

Trinity: One and ALL in three parts, creating and communing, two parts creating a third, the ONE plus the ONE making a TWO and the ONE and the ONE making a THREE. With divine balance, LAW and perfection. In symbolic harmony and movement of patterns.

Now is our time Now is our time to share, to speak, to show our raw and true sparkle and shine, take it to the world, explode the lid off the should not’s and can’t dos.

Tag, share and if keen for speaking, collaborating, sponsoring or interviews email me direct at: newearthnewyounow@gmail.com

“We are the NOW, we are the future and we are the LIGHT shining on the darkness.” – Cynthia Jauch

Come together to delight and shake things up. The world is ready and waiting and so are WE.

I applaud you for your rawness, your brilliance, your shine, your kickass show up and embody your divinity, example.