Speaking on Day 1 – MENTAL

TESSA ALEXA STANFORD: graduated with an Honours Degree in Psychology in 2011
from the University of Queensland, Australia. After becoming disillusioned with modern
psychological approaches to mental health and overall well being, she resigned from her
8-year career in Social Welfare, to create the change in the world she knew she was truly
here to create.


DURING HER PSYCHOLOGY CAREER, she specialised in Holistic Wellbeing Interventions
and Trauma Assessments, as well as Staff Development and Training. Tessa completed
additional study (in Health Science, Nutritional Medicine, Emotional-Regulation and
Neurobiology of Complex Trauma) and worked with various disadvantaged populations
within fields of Child Protection, Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Asylum Seekers &
Refugees and Alternative Education.


AFTER MERGING SPIRIT WITH SCIENCE, she now specialises in Wildly-Authentic
Personal Development for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Light-Workers utilising her
revolutionary Emotion-Mindset Philosophy. She offers VIP 1:1 Coaching Packages as well
as cutting-edge Leadership Training (online, workshops and retreats).


TESSA IS COMMITTED TO revolutionising our perception and expression of our True-Self
by empowering 1-Million leaders to transform their True-Self Suppression into WILD Authenticity, so they too can create the change in the world they know they are here to
create, and together we can create the profound shift in the world in which we each
hunger for.

You MIND/12:22pm/6:22am- 12:52/6:52


VISIONARY ARTIST AND PSYCHIC INTUITIVE SPIRITUAL TEACHER JOAN OF ANGELS IS KNOWN FOR HER PROLIFIC WORK CREATING PORTALS AND STARGATES ALLOWING YOU TO CONNECT WITH YOUR CELESTIAL GUIDES and BringS through their messages of love, hope, wisdom and healing.In 2013, Joan of Angels began receiving messages to paint 33 angels in 30 days, thus becoming a “paintbrush for celestial and divine beings” here to assist you on your soul’s journey. These paintings are literally infused with angelic frequencies and raise the vibrations in your room or work space and can bring you wisdom.

Joan acts as a messenger or medium for your guides and brings in wisdom, healing and information TO  assist you to achieve your life’s mission.



Health MIND/12:55pm/6:55am – 1:25/7:25 


Doron Kutash – Master Designer, Master Builder of New Earth.

“All will be Re-Sourced, as there’s “only” ONE Project Left. We are Completing Paradise On Earth in the Next Months to Years.”

Co-Creator of The Source, Source Network – www.thesource.network.

Open-Sourced Blueprints for the building of the New Earth. Key Platforms are StandingRockPipeline.com – Funding All Humanitarian Projects NOW, New Earth Directory – The “Conscious” Craigs List, New Earth New You Now – Heaven on Earth in Our Time, Awakening Sovereignty Collective – Cooperative Digital Governance & Resource Distribution, Global/Open-Sourced Platforms, & Many More Key Missions to the Completion of Paradise On Earth in the next months to years;

The Following Key Missions are “Source Codes”/I.E. Blueprints, (& there are also more than 10,000 lightworker organizations in our social media networks, totaling 10’s to 100’s of millions of lightworkers globally);

“Source Codes” – One Global Village, The Vision Project, The ONE Platform, The Cause Market, Every Day’s A HolyDay, The New Inner Net, The Omniversal Broadcast Network, Transformational Tours, UniverCities, Live, Work, & Play/ Light Centers, The Golden Age Festival Movement, Incubation Stations, Trust & Allow, LOVE-Minded People, The ONE Song, The ONE Schedule, Global Women’s Empowerment, Legion Of Light, Directory Of The Light, Re-Source(d): Humanity & Earth’s Healing, The Market Place, Collaborator Portal, The White Light Railroad, Permaculture / Village Bus Tour, I AM President, 365 Causes, You are High-ered, & More..

“Re-Sourced” – Encouraging every lightworker to complete their Collaborator Profile, entering them in the Collaboratory Portal, a Directory of All Lightworkers. Encouraging every lightworker to receive their Enterprise Cards, declaring to the Omniverse who you are as your Higher Self, in God’s Great Infinite Creation. Encouraging every lightworker to submit all the following via Forms; partners, village leaders, light centers, festivals/events, tours, vehicles, vendors, sponsors, products, services, musicians, speakers, workshops, ceremonies, promoters, media, ideas, blueprints, etc etc etc.

“ONE Project Left” – Encouraging every lightworker, and organization to align intent, on the ONE Project Left. Completion of Paradise On Earth NOW. We are building the Resource-Based Economic System, and it is a Multi-Trillion $ Operation. It is the last remaining Business, or Enterprise on Earth.

Whether you aim to be the model human being, form the model product, service, organization, business, community center, event, city, state, country, world, universe, or omniverse;

Whether you desire to bring the highest solutions in prosperity, food, water, energy, science, technology, health, building, clothing, education, happiness,  spirit,  life, or earth;

It is DONE.

Earth MIND/1:30pm/7:30am – 2/8


Simon Richard Bull:

Simon has a lifetime of involvement with both environmental, spiritual and community organisations and groups. His big Ah-HA! moment for sustainability came after years of searching for the key to sustainability. What he found is a pattern that underlies all Living Systems, and which he believes is the golden key to sustainability at all levels. This understanding has been woven into a Complexity view that can aid in our understanding for the sustainable functioning of any system, process, place or thing. He has used this deep insight to declare the goal of the Evolutionary Living Project; to create 144,000 Evolutionary Enterprise Ecovillages by year 2050 


Earth MIND/2pm/8am -2:30/8:30


Elizabeth Diamond 

Founder: Diamond Broadcasting Network

Elizabeth Mulligan over the last 6 years has Designed and Developed an Open Source Media outlet for Creators of Love to Broadcast their consciousness shifting / expanding information, knowledge, & creativity. Also an Outlet for those to expand their growth in limitless ways. She has a show of her own every Mon. Diamonds Forever 31 13 show; Learning who YOU Really are!  your Super Natural natural self in The Law of One, Various Guests, Tools for Healing; physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.  Our Galactiwizing session ( Building closer Relations with Our Star Beings), Current world Intel & News Updates. along with 5 other shows by Awesome Creators. Diamondsforever41.blogspot.com  Contact me if interested in Broadcasting your creation on this Network: ediamond1313bam@aol.com  or 763-670 9120


Mission: Be One of the Worlds Mainstream Broadcasting Network’s, Pioneering All of Us in Expanding and Shifting Our Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Physical Selves to Supreme Happiness, Safety, Contentment. The Network with many varieties of media broadcasting choice for broadcasters, even with The Newest never used on earth before, broadcasting Tecknowledgey. Diamondsforever31.blogspot.com


Diamond Fire Love Catalyst: (Elizabeth Mulligan) will share deep insight to Spiritual ( Money – Mind ) 


Money MIND/ 4:10pm/10:10am – 4:40/10:40


 Dakota: Co-Creator and Ambassador of the ASC – Awakening Sovereignty Collective​ and Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty​: he is for Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

He chose to come here from Beyond to Guide and Protect all life in the transition from the Old Paradigm of fear and control to the New Paradigm of Unconditional Love. His chosen path has led him towards mastery of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sound Alchemy, Healing Arts, Natural and Commercial Construction, Permaculture Gardening/Food Forest Nurturing, Martial Arts, Economics, World Events and History, Programming, Robotics, Esoteric Knowledge, Strategy, and Human Psychology and Sociology.


Business MIND: 4:41pm/10:41am- 5:11/11:11


Lindsay and Chris Jones of Life Warrior – The Art of Being Human and their blog, Hug Your Chaos, both which were created to serve as inspiration and guidance for others who seek deeper meaning in life. They found each other against all odds, across oceans, as Chris is Australian and Linds is American, in order to come together to fulfil their life purpose as a Twin Flame – helping to raise the consciousness and vibration on the planet and to create a New Earth. 

 After having both walked separate yet simultaneous paths through the darkness of depression, anxiety, and addiction, they almost simultaneously turned to the path of light and spirituality through yoga, meditation, Buddhism, Hinduism, and service to others. And in divine time (as all things are) they found each other at a time when neither was looking, but both were asking for guidance on their next step forward. And thus, the partnership of Life Warrior was born. It is their soul purpose to help others on their own path of healing and integration – the place where we are each one within ourselves as our darkness and light are joined like Yin and Yang, so that we can all then be truly joined as one with each other.




Relationships MIND: 5:11pm/11:11am – 5:41/11:41


Speaking on Day 2 – PHYSICAL


Lila Star: is a creative visionary, content creator, and strategic new systems architect of a New Earth, Awakening Sovereignty Collective (www.asc.ai) coordinator, land steward in Costa Rica, and alchemical transformational embodiment facilitator.  Lila is the founder of The Divine Playground and Starseed Academy (thedivineplayground.org). She produced 3 International Free Schools, called Dream Awakening Circus, among other gatherings and events like Djedi Ostara Rising, Elevating Elevate Films 2-week raw food cleanse, and Dance Camp: a performance embodiment lab! A natural world bridger, with a Masters Degree in Strategic Leadership for Sustainability, a yoga teacher, permaculture designer, Theta healer, and spiritual guide, Lila presences the higher self to activate and realize genius. A liberation and freedom technologist, Lila transcends limiting paradigms of thought to birth the gifts of our greatest collective unification. Lila is also a song and dance muse, priestess of the Earth mother, and lover who is coded to architect Ascension Temples, a Starseed Academy, and philanthropic ventures to channel the necessary resources to ensure abundance, joy, and freedom to all beings who choose alignment with Love.



You BODY: 12:22pm/6:22am- 12:52/6:52


Hailey Dawn Armstrong I am earth Rainbow Queen – is the Professor of Play! Mother Nature’s Way!

Born in Idaho and raised on a potato farm. Lover of the outdoors. A degree in family consumer science and outdoor education. She has been on a magical journey traveling the world and has created a story that will take you places!

We Unlearn to Re-member the Wisdom within our hearts by connecting to Mother’s Nature. We integrate the qualities of nature, stimulating the Body, Mind as well as the Soul. We Focus our Intention. We Listen to our breath, be still, dance, tone, stretch, and restore our beings.  We learn to play again, laugh, be silly, get creative, and make friends. We notice the sun-rise, sun-sets and the cycles of the moon.

We feel the Earth on our hands and the sand between our toes. We smell the Sweet Essence of a Rose it is in these moments we Find Joy in Being!

We take Adventures and Discover more about who we are in relationship to the world. We make decisions from that centered peace the place of grounded knowing.

Let’s Jump In!


Nature~Energy~Deep Connection and Matters of the Soul have always been a part of my nature. Since my youth, I was always outdoors playing, skiing, and hiking. It was through these experiences that I found the joy of the sun, the smell of a rose, and the air blowing freshness into my being. As I grew, life took me on some amazing adventures. I have shared many here, incorporating my passion for connecting with nature and my inner wisdom, and listening to my hearts song. From this I have learned how to cultivate life force energy. And as a result I have had incredible experiences that make life that much more sweet! It is in these realms I dance. Here is the music of my heart!


Health BODY: 12:55pm/6:55am – 1:25/7:25


Daniel Bersh – Director, Founder Enviro Project/Enviro Scape. 

For as long back as I can remember I have always loved helping people. With God’s love in my heart I decided at an early age I would somehow commit myself to helping others. I have worked in the labor industry for over 30 years and have enjoyed meeting many interesting and honorable people.

Creating Enviro Community Living Center stems from that original desire as a child to help others, Evidence of God’s endless love, mercy and compassion in my life gave me the courage and confidence I needed to believe anything is possible!

Let’s all come together as brothers and sisters and turn a beautiful dream into a wonderful reality. Never give up on your dreams for a better, brighter tomorrow!

Daniel divides his time between Detroit and Tampa, Florida, where he lives with his incredible son and family.

Enviro Project: 

Enviro Community+Living Center Project is a non-profit organization intent on providing free housing, transportation, organic food and basic education to struggling Americans. (soon to be taken globally)

We are currently building a team of like-minded individuals with a passion for helping the less fortunate, a desire to see lives transformed, and an unparalleled love for what is great about America.

Mission:  involves a paradigm shift from using unsustainable resources to leveraging alternative energy technologies and sustainable, organically grown food sources. We are currently building a team of like-minded individuals with a passion for helping the less fortunate, a desire to see lives transformed, and an unparalleled love for what is great about America.

Transforming Lives – Restoring Families – Inspiring Hope”


Earth BODY: 1:30pm/7:30am – 2/8 




Belinda SimsInternational Speaker , Facilitator, Mentor and Founder of Live Like you mean it. 

Belinda facilitates Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Transformational Events and Mentors people from around the world to empower to live Authentic and Inspired lives.

Belinda has spent the last 7 years transforming her life from the inside out going from suicidal depression to inspiring from within and helping others overcome limiting beliefs, find more clarity and align with their purpose

Earth BODY: 2pm /8am -2:30/8:30


Kelly Kingston: 

Owner of Inspired Living Events​ and OnePurse OnePlanet Ltd​:
The world will never be the same thanks to the inspirational action from the amazing Kelly. There are always a few people in the world who will make an everlasting impression on you and yes people come and go from our lives but when you meet Kelly she will have a profound effect on you and what you think you know.

Kelly has a heart based passion to make this world a much better place. One Purse One Planet was established to create affordable self-sustainable communities that can be duplicated world wide – because everyone on the face of this planet has the right to feel safe, be loved, have shelter, clothes, a bed to sleep in, food, clean water and wellness care.There is something very wrong when this is not the case, especially as there are enough resources on this planet to make this happen.

Kelly stands for Equality for Humanity ♥



Money BODY: 4:10pm /10:10am – 4:40/10:40


 Celestial serpent is a Filmmaker, Artist, musician and Metaphysician from Wellington, New Zealand. He is a solo entertainer as well the front man for a variety of Bands including: the Australian funk, reggae, rock, hip hop and ska group “Wandering Eyes” and the hip hop, rock, funk, drum & bass group “Celestial Serpent band” Musically he is known for his improvisational abilities and his High energy stage presence. Celestial serpent is commonly described by his supporters an advocate of social change. His message may vary from project to project but one thing always seems to remain the same, his intention to either inspire or empower his audience. Music is just one of the avenues that celestial uses to spread his message of Love and Light. Traveling the world with his sacred geometry Art, Producing films, interviews and Documentaries with Live on Love productions and delivering lectures and workshops on a variety of alternative subjects. The content of his work covers a broad range of topics including suppressed technology, alternative medicine, health, Metaphysics, spiritual ascension, Love, magic, theosophy, astrotheology, quantum consciousness, Sacred geometry, Etymology, Law and anything else that he considers to be of great importance in these times of great social and metaphysical change. In Celestial serpents musical career he has played at a number of New Zealand and Australia’s finest venues and festivals. Including the HIFI (Brisbane) the Vanguard (Sydney) the beach hotel (Byron bay) san Francisco bathhouse (wellington) kuranda roots, island vibe, wallaby creek, collaborations, earth frequency and evolving consciousness. not to mention Blues fest and splendour in the grass two of Australia’s largest festivals.


Business BODY: 4:41pm /10:41am – 5:11/11:11


Tome’ Oshaiya was born to Mestizo Macrobiotic Jazz musician father and Creole children’s swim teacher and Waldorf school advocate/supporter. Tome had the opportunity to be witness to LRT Seminars and Steiner School community education and exposure from kindergarten on with his mother attending the San Francisco “Waldorf” school as a pioneer student in the founding class before moving to Melbourne Australia to attend at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner school.  At ~12 years of age Tome moved to be with his father in Highland Park California and attended “Magnet  Jr high” school and Public Eagle Rock High as a result of the graces of a friend’s mother who lived in the region. After growing up in inner city Los Angeles and surviving several earthquakes, gangs, riots and the lack of job opportunities Tome’ earned the Merit scholarship for academic achievement and a full scholarship offer from west point military academy.  He refused west point as a result of not wanting to be used to create weapons or strategize for power hungry men and attended Occidental college studying Cognitive psychology, Experimental Psychology, Neurological Psychology with the intention of becoming a school counselor for youth.

It is at this point the question of the significance of life came into consideration more profoundly.

Recently he has been working as a hospice provider, a caregiver and support angel with many different groups of cultures and individuals, examining each in an psychological, social and anthropological capacity. Most importantly from the standpoint of what habits or cultures are sustainable in what ways and which are self destructive and why/how.  As a mixed race person the culture identification model of seeing oneself never was possible for him and as such he has been exploring culture and culture models for many decades now in the hopes of cultivating viable community models and standards so as to support in co-creating healthy models of living that cannot be co-opted by money or power dynamics, or corrupted by nepotism while still being fair to all involved.

Favorite role models include Alan watts, Joseph Campbell, Neil Gaiman, my children, my parents and Meow Wolf.

What do we have to look forward to if we cannot live together intelligently and fairly and with imagination?

Relationships BODY: 5:11pm /11:11am – 5:41/11:41


Speaking on Day 3 – SPIRITUAL

Belinda Slack-Smith is a very unique and talented Complementary Therapist who assists many people around Australia with her work.  Her Mission is to “SERVE BEST & MEET PEOPLE’S NEEDS IN A TRULY HEART-CENTRED WAY” and her Vision is to increase the light & and assist people all over the Planet to “STEP INTO THEIR POWER & BE THEIR MAGNIFICENT SELVES”.

Belinda is a highly skilled Life Coach, Energy Healer, Channeler & Master Reiki Practitioner / Trainer.  She has also been gifted with some amazing Psychic abilities enabling her to Read her Client’s Souls and Channel Spirit to support people to align with and follow their Divine path more easily.

These abilities flow through every area of her personal and professional life, allowing both Belinda and her clients to experience an authentically Divine and meaningful lifestyle.


You SPIRIT: 12:22pm U.S PST/6:22am AST- 12:53/6:53


 Dee Gibson: is a Psychic Medium, Numerologist, Author and Speaker.

Dee has followed a metaphysical path for over 40 years.

She has 3 titles on amazon

-Soul Numbers

-Numbers Game

-Easy Baby Numerology

My personal mission is to offer authentic readings to help you understand your current situation and offer spiritual and practical information for your growth. After 30+ years of practical study, psychic readings, and working with numerology charts, I still have great passion for my work. My joy is to share this with others who like me are on a wider spiritual journey. Linking with spirit is truly a blessing, one I’d love to share with you.

Please contact me if you feel now is the right time for a “reading”.

“Dee Can Find Hidden Answers In Your Numerology. Through Clairvoyance, She Explains What Is Going On In Your Life. Spirit Gives Dee Sensitive, Soft, And Loving Messages That Get Inside Your Heart, Head, And Soul In A Very Real And Surprising Way.”


 Health SPIRIT/12:55pm /6:55am – 1:25/7:25


An experienced feature film Producer, Emmanuel Itier directed several pictures before completing in 2012 the Peace documentary ‘The Invocation’ narrated by Sharon Stone and starring Desmond Tutu, HH The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra as well as many worldwide peace activists. In 2013 Mr. Itier executive-produced a Drama filmed in Hong Kong: ‘Red Passage’ which won many Awards in the Festival circuit. Emmanuel Itier has also been a successful Music and Film journalist for both Rock Magazines, French TV networks and the internet for the last twenty five years. Finally Itier has been a buyer for various French and American Film distribution companies for the last twenty years. He was on the board of directors of the Santa Barbara Film Festival for a decade and he writes poetry. He is also very involved with charities and the political world. Mr. Itier seats on the board of Directors of ‘Darfur Women Action Group’ in an attempt to bring Peace to Darfur. He is also the current President of the Rotary E-Club of World Peace ( www.RotaryEclubofWorldPeace.org ).


Mr. Itier grew up in France and he moved in the USA thirty years ago. He resides in Santa Barbara, California with his wife and three sons. Finally Emmanuel Itier released in 2014 another inspiring documentary Celebrating Women around the planet: ‘FEMME-Women healing the World.’ This Documentary earned over 20 Awards around the World. Mr. Itier is now directing five documentaries in order to keep “Making Peace, One movie at a time.” This new series is called ‘The Oneness Collection: Documentaries for a conscious Humanity.’ In January 2017 Mr. Itier will complete his third feature Documentary: ‘Shamanic Trekker’, about shamanism in Peru. He is then planning on directing a bio drama about the poet Charles Bukowski and starring Sharon Stone, his producing partner for over a decade.

Spirit BODY: 1:30pm/7:30am – 1/8 


Lightworker Reflections aims to raise the vibration of the planet. The team at Lightworker Reflections believe in Unity Consciousness and that together we can collaborate and create solutions that lead to enlightenment and world peace.

Their courses, books, magazine, TV shows, podcasts, films and other creative projects aim to reach this evolving mission. They are also collaborating with organisations and people who share their vision.

Their newest TV show ‘Enlightened Conversations’ aims to showcase unity consciousness in action as they believe “We can enlighten the planet one conversation at a time”.

Lightworker Advocate Magazine is a reflection of the 12 high vibrational principles that they live, breath, do business by and promote. They believe that calling on these higher vibrational waves is a great way to keep us connected to our spiritual sources and stay grounded in this human body! These principles are: Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness, Forgiveness, Unity, Discipline, Faith, Responsibility, Wholeness, Love, Joy and Peace.

Co-founders, Michelle Lightworker and husband Tony Dowd are big on loving BIG. They believe that the darkness and lightness within us all serves to our awakening. Through unconditional love and creating inner peace, we create world peace.



Enlightened Conversations Channel:


Enlightened Conversations Facebook Page:


Michelle Lightworker’s Public Facebook Page:


Michelle Lightworker’s media kit:


Lightworker Advocate Magazine:



 Earth SPIRIT: 2pm U.S PST/8am AST

– 1:30/8:30


Barbara Wilder’s greatest passion is to bring Light into the dark corners of our hearts and minds to help shift human consciousness up into the vibration of universal Love.  She has been speaking to this purpose across the U.S. and internationally for over twenty years. In her groundbreaking book, Money Is Love, which is considered one of the foundational works of the Sacred Economics movement, she showed us how to reconnect money to the sacred feminine and transform it into an agent for both personal and global prosperity. Her second book, Embracing Your Power Woman, enthusiastically endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Shirley MacLaine, Jean Houston, Caroline Myss, and many others, is a radical program that gives women in the second half of life the skills to recognize, embrace, and embody their innate feminine power, and step into their leadership roles for the new era.  The Dalai Lama said, “Western women will save the world.” Embracing Your Power Woman is a guide book for the women who want to be part of that promise.  Her forthcoming book, Creating a Sacred Marketplace will be released in 2017.

Barbara has been a guest on network television and on numerous radio talk shows. Her popular workshops inspire participants internationally. She is a dynamic keynote speaker, speaking locally, nationally and internationally, including Deepak Chopra’s Alliance for a New Humanity in Pureto Rico, and The Universal Peace Federation’s International Peace Conference in Seoul, Korea. She has been a member of the faculty of Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, and Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

Barbara studied for eleven years in The School of Actualism, a mystery school based on the Hermetic Principles, the writings of Alice Bailey and Rudolf Steiner, and the ancient practice of Agni Yoga/Fire Breathing Yoga. She graduated with the highest level of commendation in light-energy healing and transformational growth techniques. She is an ordained minister and renowned spiritual teacher.

Currently Barbara lives in Los Angeles with her beloved dog, Gage, where she is working on new writing projects, while maintaining her spiritual healing and coaching practice, and traveling wherever she is called to speak about how we can create a more light-filled and balanced world of peace, goodwill, and abundance for all.


Money SPIRIT: 4:10pm /10:10am – 4:40/10:40


Leigh Rorke: is a transformational coach that works with people in transition in life, business and relationship. Those who are on the verge of living a life that’s completely designed by their soul, aligned with their soul. Showing up as themselves. She believes that you are your own business coach. That the guru is in you. That following anyone else’s path is a fool’s game that will lead you to loss of your path, loss of your self, and loss of your joy. She will show you how to listen to your truth, and share your genius. Leigh’s done thousands of hours of one to one healing, transformational coaching and training with private clients starting as an Occupational therapist and then working for over 10 years in her own business as a Kinesiologist and then life coach, small business coach and leadership coach. She’s intuitive, honest, insightful and fast at helping you clear your blocks, get clarity and get going in sharing your gifts.


Business SPIRIT/4:41pm /10:41am – 5:11/11:11


Karen Riley
LightWorker, Numerologist & Spiritual Guidance

My Numerology Background; 20 Years Experienced as a Reader & Teacher of Numerology with Divine Assistance from Within, Supported by my Higher Self & the Blessings of the Universal God-Source Energy Source & Angelic Realm, together with my Guides, Supporting Clients with Bringing Forth Wonderful Personal Insights of Enlightenment, Underlying Self-Love, Clarity & Empowerment.

My readings support relationships, small independent business, career & life clarity on behalf of our beautiful soul’s innate abilities and gifts, we are born with.  I am currently writing on Numerology as a column writer on this subject, for a leading universal, online magazine; White Light Magazine, and providing soul – life readings to clients throughout Australia via skype, phone or in person, based in Brisbane Queensland, Australia. It has been a blessing and opportunity to be able to support empower others in this specialised field, coupled with my spirituality gifts for offering my service as both a personal reader, and teacher of Numerology with online courses as well as half day workshops.

I have a professional office space for client readings, and I often speak at public events, or offer “live platform” readings from time to time by invitation of my local Spiritual Church, or personally at various seminars.

My knowledge is this field is rather personalised and in – depth, as I delve deeply between the layers aiding me in my ability to retrieve wonderful information pertaining to the client on both a spiritual and practical level, aiding the personal interpretation for the client, with communicating astonishing insights of accuracy and enlightenment.

Experience; Readings @ Mind, Body & Soul Psychic Expos * Interviewed on Radio * Leading Bookstore Public Speaking on Numerology & Its Benefits * Specially Developed “Soul-Life” Readings Supporting Clients & Professional Holistic Counsellor’s Clients * Couples in Relationships & Clairvoyant Oracle Card Readings Combining the Numerological Insights.

Testimonial:  Ross O’Reilly

Karen blew me away with the accuracy of my reading. She was spot on with my life path and purpose, my personality and gave me perfect insights into what challenges lay ahead for me and how to handle them. She inspired me to use my gifts for the greater good and gave me a real sense of gratitude about this journey I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to travel. I highly recommend Karen, she has amazing talent in this field of Numerology.


Relationships SPIRIT: 5:11pm/11:11am – 5:41/11:41


To Be a speaker: follow the prompts here: nenyn.org