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After a vision of a Unity Movement, with Documentary and Global Festivals Began, Destiny Fae aka Cynthia Jauch when travelling the world in 2017 requested guidance from divine nature on what the next steps for global unity was.

She began to write and the clear message of the foundation and the First Summit Beginning that March arose. Called to reach out to some of the best visionaries and project holders for New Earth.

In a minds eye,
a dream of peace.
The realness,
of stillness.
A distance,
of beach.
The fresh air,
a smile of hope.
A sacred gem,
across her throat.
A twinkle in,
her eye.
A golden,
sacred time.
For times,
once passed.
of joy and more.
Health, of future,
creating a place,
of magic.
With a mind,
of blessed charm.
fast the hand.
Spirits, all around.
A blessing,
of her stare.
A soul of light.
A sway,
of oceans near.
beyond her ears.
cleansing deep.
A message,
fore she keep.
The dawn,
rising and the brightness,
of flaming wings.
A harmonic,
euphoric sings.
Of time,
not real.
A pleasured,
A mind of dreams.
A token,
of pure release.
For soulful,
in her eyes.
Noone, knows.
Her from where,
she cries.
Feelings so deep.
Of a gypsy soul.
For mother,
Once surrender,
be known.
All layers,
risen to new,
A heart for one,
who forgets her still.
For inside her,
She has,
this place still.
For this him,
forever will.
but half,
a truth be bared.
For you a knowing.
Cared to shared.
For once,
in a while.
Stop and be.
Deep inside,
the unlocked,
with a key.
Hold your courage,
close and near.
For through these,
A place of cheer.
For all will,
see a new world,
A inner,
Of Honeymoon.
her mask.
A masculine face.
For the goddess,
is rising again.
to take her place.
A thrown,
for love,
a depth, beyond.
For please,
sacred children.
Love and kindness.
Compassion within.
A freshness,
of true beauty.
You ALL,
have within.
© 2017 Cynthia Jauch​
A Symphony of Words​


A team of 5 people were put together with Multiple sponsors to co create this next level ongoing platform of Love, Unity and Solution.

To bring you the best of what the Earth has going for it NOW and what is to come, with new projects.


Our Co Creators:

Sharing the co creative and inspiring team of ” New Earth New You NOW​ “

Set on “Heaven on Earth in Our Time”


*Dakota: Co-Creator and Ambassador of the ASC – Awakening Sovereignty Collective​ and Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty​: he is for Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. He chose to come here from Beyond to Guide and Protect all life in the transition from the Old Paradigm of fear and control to the New Paradigm of Unconditional Love. His chosen path has led him towards mastery of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sound Alchemy, Healing Arts, Natural and Commercial Construction, Permaculture Gardening/Food Forest Nurturing, Martial Arts, Economics, World Events and History, Programming, Robotics, Esoteric Knowledge, Strategy, and Human Psychology and Sociology.


*Kelly: Owner of Inspired Living Events​ and OnePurse OnePlanet Ltd​:
The world will never be the same thanks to the inspirational action from the amazing Kelly. There are always a few people in the world who will make an everlasting impression on you and yes people come and go from our lives but when you meet Kelly she will have a profound effect on you and what you think you know.

Kelly has a heart based passion to make this world a much better place. One Purse One Planet was established to create affordable self-sustainable communities that can be duplicated world wide – because everyone on the face of this planet has the right to feel safe, be loved, have shelter, clothes, a bed to sleep in, food, clean water and wellness care.There is something very wrong when this is not the case, especially as there are enough resources on this planet to make this happen.

Kelly stands for Equality for Humanity ♥


*Doron: Creator of Source Network Foundation​:
Devoted to connecting us all, to sharing our message and blueprint of love, creating heaven on earth in weeks and months, committed to One Global Village, creating community and sustainable permaculture and collaboration.
– World Change Leader, Collaborator, Promoter
– Love, Peace, Happiness, Joy, Equality, Freedom, Health, Harmony, Abundance For All


*Gabriel aka Aaron: Creator of Infinite Love in Motion​: Heart centred, activist, change maker, Unity Leader, Protector of Earth, Collaborative genius and New Earth Visionary. Global traveller and Ambassador for the ASC, Multi-Project Contributor, Server of love and divine charity to all the creatures of earth.


*Destiny aka Cynthia: Channelled and Co created New Earth New You NOW , and Inspire Unity Movement​ (Unity Documentary being made) and Inspire Unity Festival​s, owner of Inspire Destiny​/ Inspire Destiny Coaching​, Creator of Free Hugs. In Tribute to Robin Williams non for-profit (raising awareness for mental health and suicide)

In aid of the New Earth being realised within us all, at the soonest possible time.

She was requested to incarnate in this time due to her many ancient and pre modern incarnations on earth and connections to multiple star systems, pre and during incarnations on earth. Gifting her a higher understanding of multidimensional, interstellar understanding and soul fractionalization. She regularly communicates with spirit/source and her guides and angels, with understanding in signs all around through numbers/numerology, galactic movement and astrology.

Galactic Ambassador – Temple of Peace, Love and Light – Pixie Creator (Fae energy at heart) – New Earth Channel.
– Psychic and Intuitive and Oracle reader.
– Coach/Therapist – NLP, Time Therapy and Hypnotherapy
– Healing Facilitator, Crystals, energy, intuitive, inner child, past life and more.
– Rainbow Warrior/Pleiadian StarSeed/Spiritual Role Model and Multidimensional Poet and Author.
– World Traveller and Collaborator.
– Event and Team/Project Family Creator and Supporter.
– Past Makeup artist and Manager.

She is here to aid GAIA and all her living connected beings in ascension, integration and embodying love and balance of their inner duality. She transmits and aligns to the vibrations of Peace, Love, Unity, Light, Abundance and Shares a multitude of blessings to everyone, at all times.

With ALL of these beings, their angels, guides, ancestors, spirit animals, galactic family, elementals and ascended masters, as well as 1000’s of amazing way showers and activated blueprint holders.

We know our vision is in arms read, in our time, our now. And the near future of this planet, to be known as the Freedom Planet.

“We are Uniting” are you?

Big Love Ohana

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Before the Launch and Co creation of the “New Earth New You NOW” foundation, the below message was channelled. 

**New EARTH**:

“My Darlings,

NOW is the time, OUR TIME, NOW is ALL the time, NOW we are shifting, waking and moving faster, we have more power, resources, awareness and strength than ever before. WE have the knowing within our hearts, you feel the changes ALL around..

What can you do NOW?
What is your mission and life purpose?
How are you offering your gifts, service and self to this world?
Are you ready to be all that you are?
How can you be supported in your role?
What guidance or healing do you require?

All of this will be DONE and ANSWERED.

Will you give me some of your time? To share, to see, to shift your current perspective, to a world of magic, love, laughter and joy?

New is never really new, this new is old, very ancient, it is somewhat different but more evolved, as the cycles of perfection and circular nature of the universe passes through a time again of peace, of balance, of harmony, of restoration to unconditional love, to inner strength, to fun, play, to connection to all multidimensional realms, to all aspects of self in integration, through ALL above and below.

We need not force, fight, fix, but simply BE and allow our true presence and divinity to show, BE present and grounded in the truth of the moment, the NOW, where all power to shift, change and evolve exists.

You are amazing, powerful, ready, evolving, effortlessly. Remove the illusion of lack, for in the world unfolding in NEWness to what we know outside, the WISDOM and TRUTH from within us trickles out.

We will be BALANCED in our Masculine and Feminine, we will know, understand and embody unconditional LOVE, you will experience the feeling of being in UNITY and connectivity to ALL.

The honor and respect rises, to the Stone Nation, Plant Nation, Devic Nation, Elemental and Angelic Nations, to all the Hue-Man Nations of this EARTH, all the galactic Nations and Federations.

This Planet will be known as a Planet of FREEDOM, (please shift your disbelief and programs of old, for a brief moment to imagine), you inner child will be healed, your ego will feel integrated, ALL acceptance, LOVE and respect will exist within all, in the rebalanced Harmony of the Spheres, Our Mother will return to her true form of beauty and GRACE.

We will reunite with our STARRY FAMILIES and Homes, we will remember our pasts, our infiniteness and DIVINITY…..


A land of plenty, laughter and joy. ALL things in unison creating and co creating in EASE and GRACE, for the greater of this PLANET/GODDESS mother GAIA and for the collective Galaxy and U-in-VERSE (Universe)……..

The Vibrations of our collected parts will rise, sing and feel euphoria, for our natural state of BeingNESS will be restored. (This is prophesied) – The EARTH will HEAL and RISE, as within we will be complete, our DNA restored and the imbalances will be cleansed and washed away. Our many bodies in BALANCE, and so the outer too.

We wont see separation in anything, We will know GODS love, the unconditional, inner and outer. Manifestation will happen rapidly, we will become to understand our origins, our TRUTH and Connecedness to GOD, the CREATOR the ALL. We will get along, we will work together for the greater collective.

Pain will not be a thing, disease will not be a thing, we will KNOW the cures, the ways to heal, WE will build, create and share amazingness and splendor, our ancestors will be heard, the lessons of past KARMA released, WE will know PEACE on EARTH again.

FREE from rage, from hate, from the false Duality…….
Seek within, your stillness, your truth,
FOR ALL things are of the same DIVINITY. ALL things equal in LOVE……

WE are all related…..
This YOU know inside….
The real YOU, your soul spark…
Knows this vision. Knows the path we are ALL on….

(Do you share this vision??????)

– Sustainability in products, services, resources, relationships, actions and exchanges.
– Many Ecovillages and Communities
– Shared Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge.
– Empowered Education and training resources.
– New, Empowered, Creative, Fun and Transparent ways to exchange energy.
– Ways to PLAY and CREATE in balance, unity and sustainability with others.
– Healthy ways to connect, interact and support of one another.
– Health, Well being, Vitality accessible to ALL.
– Food, Water, Housing for everyone.
– Loving, Compassionate and Ethical business, Work and exchanges.
– Everyone doing things for the LOVE of it, and for the JOY of it.
– Support of the EARTH and ALL beings inhabited.

(Projects, Education, Resources to do this already exist for all of the above and will soon grow and trickle to everywhere)

= Allow connection and collaboration of all resources, ideas, gifts, services and come together.
= Choose your HEART.
= Release the FEAR.
= EMBRACE your Uniqueness
= JOIN a movement, mission, a community, a collective of creation for NEW EARTH.
= Be Present to NOW.
= Feel, BE, LOVE, open your inner EYE.
= Visualize and FEEL this TRUTH.

We are the midwife’s- The NEW EARTH is being BORN within US ALL.

So much gratitude for you ALL from the depths of my BEING to yours, my sacred and beloved relations.

Much Peace, Love and Light <3
Destiny Fae aka Cynthia Jauch