Summit Vision

New Earth New You NOW NENYN - Heaven on Earth in our time

New Earth New You NOW NENYN - Heaven on Earth in our time

New Earth New You NOW – Vision for Summits:

To : –

  •  Create a safe space for people to hear what is happening around the world, for positive change.

  •  Have speakers all over the world equipped with a platform to share their earth changing projects and cooperative/sustainable businesses globally.

  • Inspire others to see the vision many of us hold, to be informed in how to get more involved and help make a change.

  • Give permission for big shifts in people all over the world to evolve themselves and their lives to something even greater, more sustainable and with support, truthful information and high level advice.

  • Be a template and tool for how the internet and resources we have can be used for encouraging and inspiring faith in the many, to what we all can achieve when we come together for a greater cause with respect, love and participation.

  • Inform people globally how to be involved in the global changes and what events and gatherings are coming up.

  • Be a catalyst for higher levels of consciousness on earth, through global meditations, synchronized events and top level and most relevant information being provided.

  • Expand into discussions, sharing and support for many, on the topics that have been avoided for centuries and catapult the changes needed on the earth, from these discussions and resources shared.

  • Be a place to provide the means for networking, shared resources to those in need for growing and achieving their project/business visions.

  • Collaborate and show how many coming together as one will create much faster growth and improvement globally.

  • Embody want beautiful world we live in and how its divine magic is supporting us all together and individually.

  •  Embrace change for the better and the sacred patterns throughout all life.

  • Stand as a new pillar for others, to create from. Being a new benchmark for what our current technology can be used for.

  • Take us into a new paradigm with ease and grace, connecting to the peace and love within us all.

  •  Be a bridge for heaven on earth, in our time.

  • Be an example of what can be created together with trust, hope and big ideas.


“To a better world, full of peace, love and light. For global change, community, harmony, sustainability and balance”

To Sponsor, volunteer or co-creator please email interest and reason to:

Guidelines for being involved:

Summit Involvement requirements:

Please read the below and make sure you agree

It is the goal of this summit that all involved hold a space for global unity and all unsustainable and harmful processes on earth to be changed and transformed into something for the highest good of all beings on earth and in our connected environment, confirm you agree to the below intentions and goals.


  • Give the most truthful and honest of information.

  • Be an advocate for positive social and global change.

  • Embody love, respect and compassion for all beings.

  • Inform us of any changes to your involvement ASAP.

  • Aspire to leading by example.

  • Have faith in a higher order, within and outside for the goodness of all.

  • Share empathy for other beings.

  • Be a messenger of love and act with a peaceful and caring nature.

  • Honour your being and those of your earth family and other beings.

  • Have faith and commitment to a brighter future of co-creating peace, harmony and balance for all.

  • Desire a world with free energy, support for all needing shelter, food and clean water.

  • Aspire to refrain from any harmful actions towards self or any other being.

  • Share a love of the earth and all being living here.

  • Confirm your role in the summit ASAP.

  • Have the highest level of integrity in your commitment.

  • Share you excitement and role with others who you feel will be interested.

  • Continue to be a pillar of light, bridging heaven with earth.

  • Communicate with respect and timeliness to all involved to the best of your ability.

Download form here and email if interested in being involved with us:

Summit Involvement requirements

and email to:

Thank you so much for your interest and your time from all of the team, wishing you many blessings of wellbeing, prosperity and joy.

“To a better world, full of peace, love and light. For global change, community, harmony, sustainability and balance”